Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Girls Weekend, Part 2

Winetasting Day!

Our room was all moms and Julie "Insomnia" Pepper, we all woke up early.
Meredith brought us lobby coffee and we went over to our kitchenette room for breakfast.
I was handed a plate of scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, fresh fruit, yogurt and granola and ANOTHER cup of coffee.
On a plate.
(With two olives on a fork in the corner) <== Is that right?

Breakfast broke up around 9 and we scattered again to shower, dress and (for some) get spaaaaaa treatments. I opted out of the spa treatments, having the baby with me and all and not REALLY feeling like having anything rubbed or exfoliated!

Instead I took a nice long walk around downtown Calistoga with Ben. We went to the farmers market and bought strawberries. We peeked into all sorts of little shops and wineries and even saw a working beehive lodged in a wall. I swear!

Mostly I just strolled along and got some exercise and enjoyed the peace and frickin' quiet. I tell you, there is a BIG ASS DIFFERENCE between having one kid and having THREE kids. And that difference is VOLUME.

After the spaaaaaa treatments were over I met up with Rahna, Meredith and Andrea by the poolio, foolio. We had turkey pesto sandwiches for lunch and kicked it.

Half past noon we all met up, all dressed up fly and sexy, to go winetasting. Meredith and I were designated drivers. Me because I had to drive MY car with Ben's carseat and Mer because, she's preggotastic.

Our first winery was Sequoia Grove. This is where the baby spit out his binky and it rolled UNDERNEATH a giant wine barrel. I had a heart attack.
Thank GOD it rolled right back out. Covered in spiderwebs, but still OK.
This is also where I learned that I have EXPENSIVE taste in wine, having preferred greatly the $60 Reserve Cabernet as opposed to the less expensive regular Cabernet. Sigh.

We then moved on to Mumm.
Mumm Napa is frickin' heaven on toast. It's fantastic. I want to live there.
We had champagne samplers and toasted to our 30 years on the planet.
If anyone out there really loves me and wants me to know it, send me Mumm Blanc de Noirs. Lots.

The last and best winery was Silverado Vineyards.
So great and amazing, it deserves its own post....
And your wait for the next chapter begins!

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Meredith said...

I MISS BEN!!! (oh yeah and you too) :)

Andrea said...

I know, sweet baby Ben! He was so good Jessey! Mumm was awesome. And so was Silverado. I can't wait til tomorrow's post.

PS two olives on a fork in the corner is not right, but I can't remember what is right. We need JP for this one.

Jessica said...

Benny Boy saved up all his crabby for tonight.
He's been a big bitter pill. I think he has badly trapped farts. It's been no bueno.
Also, I'm missing my eight nannies. Eight super fly nannies.
Soooo much nicer to have eight nannies.