Saturday, July 26, 2008

Girls Weekend, Part 3

Still Winetasting Day - Silverado Vineyards

After sampling the bubbly at Mumm Napa, which was fantastic, we headed to Silverado Vineyards.
Thanks to the lovely and talented Jen, we got a fabulous rooftop terrace wine tasting of all these fantastic wines including a $100 bottle of reserve Cabernet. Fabulous!

As an aside, when I returned to my mom's house and told her of the wonderful time we had at Silverado she said "Oh, shut up!"
My mom is an avid wine taster and took me on my very first trip through wine country oh so very many years ago. Let's just say, she was quite jealous.
Anyway....back to Silverado.

The view was incredible. We were overlooking acres of vineyards and blue skies and it was just gorgeous. We couldn't have picked a better day to enjoy the scenery and the fruits of Napa.
Chelsea and I managed to commandeer the chocolate cabernet dipping sauce and a small package of thin breadsticks. Ha! Then somehow Chelsea commandeered the bottle of Cabernet from the tasting basket (not the reserve, but just as nice). We were quite sneaky...or everyone else was quite tipsy. Either way...good times were had.
The sun started setting and we all decided to move on to our next stop. Thanks Jen!
I took home a Sauvignon Blanc, a Sangiovese and a Cabernet that I'm saving for my actual birthday day. This cost less than a spaaaaa treatment and I'll enjoy it much more I'm sure.

We were the last people to leave the winery, we actually left AFTER it had closed to the public. It was surreal and strange to be there alone in front of the beautiful buildings. It was especially surreal when Rahna got a headache and laid herself down in the middle of the lawn in front of the winery...something I don't think she would do if we weren't alone up there!

We traveled from Silverado to a restaurant that Jen's husband works at. I can't remember the name of the place. I'm not sure I ever knew it! I don't think there was a sign out front either. Regardless, everyone in there was sort of snotty and wearing all black.
One woman asked me how old Ben was and I told her "He's two months old."
"Ah, and you're just bringing him out partying?"

Uh, what? I suppressed every urge to kick that woman in the shin and instead went outside onto the restaurant patio where Ben got fussy so we went to sit in the car while the rest of the girls had a martini.

What a bitch lady huh? Oh well.

When we returned to Roman Spa we started setting up our barbecue dinner. There was fish and chicken, corn on the cob, a big salad with feta cheese mmmmmmmmmmmm, it was great. We sipped yet more champagne and feasted under the stars in the hotel's picnic area.
After dinner we had strawberry shortcake (from the farmers market strawberries) and more wine and we all sat around talking and laughing like it was 1999 and we were all still in school. It was great....

...until the guy in the room next door decided he had enough of listening to us have fun and poked his head out of his door and yelled at me...

"You guys are partying WAY TOO LOUD! This isn't a party motel!!!!!"

I didn't laugh at him, but I really wanted to. He was just SO DAMN PISSED!
The lady heading into the room on the other side of ours piped up to say "Yes, too loud!" and scurried into her room.
It was 9:30 at night and we were "so loud" that Benjamin was sleeping in his carriage in the middle of the room without any problems at all.
I told the nosy neighbor to call the manager if he had a problem and to have a nice night. He slammed the door and we giggled. He never did call the manager!
I realized later that he must have thought we were all college girls since he tried to yell at us like he was our father or Dean Wormer or something like that. It didn't really work.

I went inside and told the gals that our neighbors hated us because we were being loud and Monica responded "Reaaally" and turned up the volume on the iPod speakers. At least we weren't blasting Tupac or Easy E....anymore!

It wasn't even 11 pm when Mer, Andrea and I (the moms) adjourned to our quiet room to go to sleep. The other girls, besides Crystal who fell asleep, went out dancing in the streets of Calistoga...

The morning after....coming up next!


Tigerlilly said...

I am so jealous... drink a couple of glasses for me, will ya?

Hey, I moved my blog. I am now at...

Mustard said...

That Terrace at Silverado is totally where I proposed to Carolyn... Loved it!!!


Jessica said...

I want to move there!

Meredith said...

We heard that story Bryan!! Did you get our voicemail????

P.S. Wine tasting is not as fun when you are preggo :( Just so everyone knows...

Jessica said... drama.
The very last thing I ever would have wanted to happen happened because I posted a wonderful story about how much fun we had...
Oh bother.