Monday, July 21, 2008

Just a quick update!!

We made it safely to SoCal.
The kids are having a blast with their Nani and Uncle Greg and Miss Krisy.
Last Friday I drove with Benjamin up to Calistoga, Calif. with a brief stopover in Davis, Calif. to pick up the inimitable Julie Pepper!

Julie, Ben and I then ventured to the fabulous Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort where we met up with seven other of our college gal-pals for our eight-year reunion/30th birthday party en masse.

The weekend kicked off like this...magnums of Mumm champagne. Need I say more?

The answer to that question is obviously, yes! The time for that answer is later gators!
You'll have to wait for Part 2 of the weekend vacation, wine tasting day!


debdills said...

i had to look up inimitable in the dictionary... you and your super-dooper vocabulary! hope you had fun! girls weekends are the best!

Jessica said...

I know I sound sooo pretentious when I use the big'uns but I swear these are the words I think in my brain. I don't even own a dictionary!
If you knew my mom, you'd understand. :)