Saturday, July 26, 2008

More pics, because I'm still lazy...

Or exhausted, or both.
I'm still not ready to continue the Girls Reunion Weekend story. Maybe tonight I will be able to get my thoughts together enough to do the story justice.
In the meanwhile, you get more vacation pics!

Here are some photos of the kids playing at the relatively new Vista del "Arroyo" park. I say "arroyo" because the arroyo of which they speak is really a big rainwater runoff ditch called Arroyo Simi. Very clever city planners.

This is what Ben does while we swim. He chills in his Raiders gear, representin'!

Here is the ONE picture we took at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

We were visited by the lovely Andrea and her kids Drew and Ava.
Here is Andrea with Big Ben.

And all four kids playing together. Rather, standing around playing by themselves within close proximity of one another. I couldn't get any closer to take a picture, when I tried, they scattered like nervous birds.


Andrea said...

The last picture of all four kids is cracking me up! Not only wouldn't they stay near each other for a photo, they wouldn't even look your direction! It was fun hanging out with you guys though! I'm glad I finally got to meet Dylan!

Jessica said...

Yup! I said "hey guys let's take a picture!" and they all silently said "screw you lady!"

Then I asked Ava specifically if she wanted to take a pic with Elizabeth and she said "No."

It was the Day of Crabby Kids! :)

Jessica said...

You'll also note that while the two little kids have bubbles to play with, the biggers have picked up a plastic fishing rod and a stick, respectively, perhaps in case they needed to whip their assorted younger siblings.
Ah, childhood.