Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thirty, flirty and ... oh who am I kidding....

This is my last week as a twenty-something...
I'm torn up about it.
Having a husband who will continue to BE a twenty-something until May 2010 doesn't help my very fragile ego either.

While I know that having my age start with a 3 won't really change anything about me, I wonder which of my totally regular twenty-something traits and activities will become totally unacceptable as a thirty-something...

Here are my concerns:

Can I still watch "The Hills"?
Can I still wear flip flops to the grocery store? If so, can they be glittery?
Are graphic tees and hoodies allowed? Or is that just sad? Cause I really love graphic hoodies....
Chunky highlights? Ponytails? What is still OK hairwise? Audrina hair? No?
Do I HAVE to eat Fiber One for breakfast?
Am I required to worry about my cholesterol?
Can I still rock fun colored nail polish?
Can I still say that I "rocked" anything?

I'm so confused.

Another big scary life changing realization is that the next time I buy a car it will be a big damn minivan.
My life, as measured by the car I drive, has really slid backwards!
At 20 I drove a hot Ford Mustang.
By the age of 25 I was married and driving a friggin Mazda sedan.
Now looking at the precipice that is 30, I can see that in the not too distant future I'll be rocking a minivan, in a sensible pants suit and loafers, with a nice shag bob in normal human colors, with lots of fiber in my diet and absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about who L.C. is dating and what's up with Speidi.



Maribeth said...

I am 34 and I keep up on LC! Huge fan (sad, sad, oh so sad). You can do all the things you do... I am excited for you to join the thirties club (we rock) and my favorite nail polish color is Lavender the Grape. And fiber, not quite there yet! Enjoy your last days as a twenty-something.

Jessica said...

And minivans could be cool....right?

Maribeth said...

uh NO

Ann said...

Minivans are definitely cool :) at least that's what they told me when I bought mine.
I suspect the three kids thing has already made you do most of the things thirty-somethings are supposed to do, and it isn't so bad, is it??
Happy early birthday! be 30 again.

Jessica said...

It's hard for me to know how much of my fuddy duddyness is from being old and how much is from The Triad gradually taking over my life and seeping out all the non-mom fun.
I've been a mom for like, ever. It seems that way!
Having my first baby at 25 was great and crazy at the same time because back then I probably still had some party left in, I'm awake at 6 am and I went to bed last night before 9.
Double sigh.

Anonymous said...

Dude, 30 is bitter-sweet. I'm 30 and still using "dude" which is clearly not age-appropriate. I say yes to flip flops and pony-tails. The nice thign is you look younger than 30, not older. So peeps will be like "Wow! you're 30? You look so young!"
XOXO and happy birthday - Joan

Jessica said...

At least all my friends are going 30 with me! :)

Dude, seriously, I feel like Sweets on "Bones" where they have to tell him to use all "grown-up words" instead of "totally" and "awesome" all the time.

Jessica said...

LOVE this post! I think it might inspire one of my own. I turned 30 in December and I write this wearing glittery pink flip flops (one of five glittery pairs I own) wearing a headband with a ponytail, and EXTREMELY excited for the new season of Real World to begin.

Jessica said...

The last season of "The Real World" was a real turning point for me. I couldn't watch it. I hated those people, their faces and their stupid arguing.
Maybe the Hollywood season was just a bad cast, but just maybe I'm too old for the antics on The Real World...a shame, a crying shame.

Jessica said...

No, it wasn't just you! I watched the first episode and then not even one more, which has never happened for me! I hated those idiots! I am very glad to hear you didn't watch it either. But I could watch re-runs of the Vegas cast til the end of time...

(BTW, I saw Frank TWICE in LA. The first time was in Ross with his girlfriend while she was picking out lingerie. From Ross. And I had my back to them and heard his voice and my head snapped up and I knew who it was before I even turned around. Now that is a fan.)


Jessica said...

Oh Vegas...the best
Or San Diego, that was a good one.
I loved the Hawaii season while it was first airing, but can't stand it anymore.
RW Austin was good too.

Jessica said...

SD was good. And I really liked New Orleans (saw Julie at church a few times) and I LOVED Chicago. No one in the WORLD is hotter than Kyle. Oooooooooooh. Kyle.

Jessica said...

Also, I agree about Austin. Danny and Melinda: LOVE THEM!!! (Secretly I would like to be Melinda.)

debdills said...

you don't *need* a minivan. If there is some aversion, consider a cool, hip crossover (which is what they are marketing to the young and hip crowd of 20-somethings).... ;)

as for turning 30, don't be scared! i'm freaking excited about it. I wanna know what it feels like to finally be "in my 30s!" so that i don't constantly get that look of "aw, you'll get it, some day, when you're an adult..." I think the look then becomes "uh, you're an adult now, why do you continue to act like a child?"

and you will always be older and wiser than your hubby. that rocks.

as for the glitter flip flops, I can't help you. i tossed those out at 5, but i do support shimmery (adult glitter?) tops and purses. =D

You can still rock anyone's world - and anything else (mostly because I think the term 'rock' is turning into a fuddy duddy word to the kids)

wanna celebrate the big 3-0 w/ me in vegas?

eaf said...

Uh. I'm 37 and just got my navel pierced. My thirties have rocked seriously. And I waited until I was almost 33 to have my first kiddo. You'll love it!

Andrea said...

Oh, Ive been meaning to answer some of your 30 questions since I have been here, in the thirties, for six months now. Here is what I have learned. You can still watch the Hills, but I don't recommend it. :) Definitely can wear a ponytail and flipflops. Dude, I was begging for a minivan with my second child, I can't believe you don't have one yet. You will love it! It will make your life so much easier! And they have all kinds of cool gadgets. I don't think that we "rock" things anymore though. Happy 30th!

Stephanie said...

You can definitely...

still watch the hills.
wear glittery (or sparkly or shiny) flipflops to the grocery store.
wear graphic anything.
do hair (almost) anything (maybe not hot pink).
rock fun (and glittery) nail polish.
rock anything!

You definitely don't have to...
eat Fiber One for breakfast.
worry about your cholesterol.

Minivans can be hot. If you get one, you can totally rock it. :)