Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time flies when you're totally swamped with crap to do

Vacation's over folks!
We came home to Arizona on the 11th. The trip went VERY well and took about 9 hours give or take. The only real snafu was just before the AZ border when Ben decided that HE MUST EAT NOW NOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And forced an unplanned pit-stop in hotter than the Devil's balls lovely Blythe, Calif.
There was gas to be pumped (at $4.47 per gallon, for REGULAR! ugh) and then Ben ate his lunch. Then I moved the car to block off the women's restroom door so I could run in and pee real quick. That went incident free...I am NEVER traveling with three kids alone again...at least not without adult diapers and the feeling of freedom to actually use them. Just for No. 1s. I don't allow anyone to go No. 2 while we are driving. It's just a law.
After a brief chicken nugget stopover at the Blythe Mickey Ds we were back on the road to Arizona. Ten minutes later we had crossed the Colorado River and were back in the land of cheap gas, evidenced by the fact that regular gas was a still ridiculous mere $3.87 at the Love's in AZ. Gah!
Damn money wasting baby!

The rest of the trip was A-OK fine. The kids LOVED driving the 202 Loop through Tempe and Mesa because it's right in the flight path for Sky Harbor, so every two seconds there's a jumbo jet right above your head. Pretty nifty.

Ben, as per his contractual agreement with my mother, began getting fussy once we crossed into our county and really kicked things up a notch at around Heber-Overgaard...aka about 40 minutes from home. NO WAY am I pulling over 40 minutes from home dude!
Oh, I forgot...my total mileage for the whole trip...everything between pulling out of the driveway and pulling back in...was just over 2,600 miles. All that driving in a month! Wow.
Also, all that incident-free driving! No crashes, no dents, no nothing...until...
About 45 miles from home we were following a work truck and I'll be damned if that dang truck didn't somehow kick up a cinder that landed on my windshield with a "CHINK!!!" that was the unmistakable sound of doooooooom when you have a $250 deductible.
Soooo, yeah, I was pretty freaking pissed that I drove ALL THAT WAY and it wasn't until Forest Lakes that my car was damaged. There's a lovely cross shaped ding in my windshield now right behind the rear view mirror. THANKS WORK TRUCK!!!!!!

We got home fine though, and though Bob swore he had cleaned the day before, I couldn't see it.
So I started cleaning immediately. After nine hours of driving. Yeah, I'm a bit insane.
No wait...I'm not insane. There were plates and silverware out on my front deck and soda cans strewn about the house from what I can only imagine was Tropical Storm Dr. Thunder.
No, I'm not insane.
Though the floor was vacuumed, but I later found out that he had our niece vacuum soooo....

PS this is my 11 year old niece who is now TALLER THAN ME. Fuck the world. That's just rough.

Anyway...The next day (Tuesday) I discovered in the huge pile of mail (thanks Bob) the letter from the ENT scheduling Dylan's tonsillectomy FOR THURSDAY! Do the math, that was two days away!
So I had to whip up an action plan real quick for that. What we ended up doing was sending Elizabeth to a slumber party at her Aunt Amy's on Wednesday night and the boys and I woke up at 0'DarkThirty on Thursday morning to head to the Surgical Center and get the proceeeeeedure.
All went well, Dylan did better (waaaay better) than Elizabeth with the anesthesia. He woke up like easy like Sunday morning, where she woke up like midnight on Halloween and the ghosts are breaking into the house...if you catch my drift.
Though the anesthesiologist did mention that Dylan has a heart murmur...here we go again. So we have to keep an eye on that, even though it's probably an age-related flow murmur, blah blah blah....We've never heard about it before, so it's likely not a major problem and he'll probably grow out of it, literally.

Now we're in day five Post Surgery and he's doing well...except for at night when he wakes up crying out and tries to get in bed with us to cry in our faces. No thanks. After the night his crying woke up the baby, and sent Bob cursing to sleep on the couch (he wakes up at 5:30 am) we've been trying to keep Dylan in his own bed. It worked last night so, yay!?!?

In between the tonsillectomy and yesterday was just cleaning, cleaning, cleaning...putting away our clothes, more cleaning, laundry, laundry, cleaning and more cleaning.
I made an apple pie from scratch. MORE cleaning.

Yesterday evening was the orientation for Elizabeth's preschool! Yes, my dear angel (ahem) is going to start preschool next Tuesday. I was surprised to learn that it was a four-day a week program, so she'll go Monday through Thursday from noon to 3ish. Not bad. Except that the school is 15 minutes away from home and I have to drive her, so, it's gonna be interesting to see which days I end up spending the whole three hours in town and which days I go back home for two hours and turn around and come back...
Thank GOODNESS that gas prices are FINALLY starting to really drift downward here!
When I left town in July, gas at the cheapest station was $4.07 for regular. Blech. Now at that SAME station it was $3.53 on my way into town last night at 5 pm and dropped to $3.47 on my way OUT of town at around 8 pm! Yay!
So we've gone down 60 cents in a little over a month. Keep going!!!! I'll be happy when it gets back to $1.65 per gallon (is that ever happening??)

Anyway...today and tomorrow we're doing a whole lot of nothing. I'm making spaghetti sauce, cleaning and cleaning some more. The kids will be right behind me making new and exciting messes for me to clean I'm sure.
Then Thursday is Elizabeth's dental checkup (to which the WHOLE crew will be going, fun!) and then Friday is Dylan's post-op appointment, which will take me a half hour to get to and get us all inside, then another half hour to get back home, all for an approximately two-minute long appointment. Sigh. House call?

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