Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A lesson in limits

Speed Limit - a regulation establishing the top speed permitted on a given road

Until yesterday afternoon I was driving on the very lovely donut tire.
I was terrified every second I was in the car.
I was also driving at around 45 miles per hour.
Not only did this annoy ME to no end, it also apparently flipped a lot of other people's "bitch switches" too.

For example...
Yesterday morning, around 11:30, I was driving into town to drop off Elizabeth at school, on the donut tire.
The speed LIMIT on the way into town is 55 mph, against my better judgement I was doing 50 mph.

The fellow driving the HUGE pick up truck (TOWING A TRAILER) behind me was enraged that I dared to drive five miles per hour under the legal speed limit. This was evidenced by his insistence on maintaining no more than a three foot distance between his car and mine and oh yeah, the lovely habit he devloped of FLASHING HIS HEADLIGHTS AT ME.

So I slowed down to 45.
Then 40.
I didn't care. The school would still be there if I arrived two minutes past drop-off time AND this fungus for brains needed a lesson in chillanomics.

When the road finally became two lanes in each direction, he swerved around me and raced to the stoplight a few miles ahead. Which is where I met up with him again a few minutes later when he was stopped at the red light.
See where all that assiness and light flashing got him? Right next to me again.
What a weenie!

The speed limit IN town is 45. I went 45.
I STILL had people tailgating and swerving around me like I was a damn 10 mph farm tractor cruising down the blacktop and they had just severed their own limb and were en route to the hospital.
I mean, really, what are you racing off to at 11:47 am?

In short other people suck, I rock.
And get the hell off my bumper.


Anonymous said...

People do that here, speed down the highway. Where are you going? We're in Juneau, the roads all end at some point. You're literally going nowhere fast. Plus, our "freeway" isn't really a freeway. There are stoplights on it.

Jessica said...

Annoying to no end.

I often say, out loud though my intended audience cannot hear me...

"Just because YOU want to speed, doesn't mean that I have to speed!"

I should just get a sticker that says "This is as fast as I'm going!"