Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Somebody's having a half-birthday today!

I just said to someone yesterday ~"I'm 30"~ and a chill went down my spine.
It's really real now. It's out there.
Obviously I'm still not quite recovered yet from the shock of having turned 30, and now this!

Elizabeth is exactly 4.5 years old today. That's crazy.
There's NO WAY that she's four and a half. She's just a baby.

And this kid...he's going to be 3 years old in four months? No way.

That's just his bili blanket tubing!

Time is flying!


Anne Marie said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Elizabeth! We are getting so old, Jessey. I just got home from recess at Kylee's school, and I was just having a total "My kid is growing too fast" morning. I was watching her run around with her best friend this week, Ben, and I just wanted to rip her out of school and say "I'm not ready for BOYS yet!" But Ben is super sweet and cute, so I got over myself- but man, our babies just aren't babies anymore.

Jessica said...


At least we're both getting (or have) new babies this year!
Prolong the baby time!

Yesterday I asked Elizabeth who her boyfriend was...she said "I don't HAVE a boyfriend!!"
I said "Good! That's right!"


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Jessey! Don't feel bad about being 30. My sister turns 31 in two weeks, and she's got no husband, no prospects for one, no kids. . .she's utterly depressed with each passing year. So you're light years ahead!

Jessica said...

Oh, you're terrible Amy!

Susie said...

Happy Birthday, Jessey. I thought of you a couple of weeks ago, but wasn't sure I could remember your link. Your new babe is beautiful.. I hadn't seen him before. You do make some beautiful babies. :)