Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shhh. Don't jinx it!

There's this thing that might happen and if it does it will be SO GREAT AND FANTASTIC!
But I'm not supposed to know too much about it or even talk about it because apparently, I'm a jinx.

Who knew!?

Keep your fingers crossed! even though technically, you aren't even supposed to know that you should be crossing your fingers!


debdills said...

the last time you used the "Big News" label, you were preggers.... are you preggers again? (hrm, I imagine you'd know about that and not care so much about the jinxing...) ;) I'll cross my fingers and toes for whatever news may or may not be known.

Ann said...

fingers crossed here!

Jessica said...

Ha ha! Debbie! I can assure you that my uterus is uninvolved in this particular situation!

Jason said...

I think somebody's getting a job. That's what I think.

Maribeth said...

oh I am dying to find out what the surprise/good news will be... i have no guesses. Well maybe some but not 'realistic' ones....like maybe you won the lotto.
Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jason, somebody (i.e., not Jessey) may be getting a good job with good pay and benefits and nice, normal hour.

Either that, or when you replaced the donut tire, you found a million dollar stash of cash in it, and there's only a few days left for the true owners to claim it before the police will let you keep it.

Bern said...

Or... somebody's going to be a guest on Martha Stewart...?

or, yes, I'm with Amy on the donut tire and the million dollar stash of cash.