Thursday, October 09, 2008

Two seconds later....

I was coming back home after picking up Elizabeth from school yesterday.
We live out of town, so we have to drive a bit on the two-lane highway.

Yesterday was the day that the county decided to FINALLY mow down the huge weeds that have been growing on the shoulder of the highway for months.
So they had this HUGE mower out there all day, like the size of a tractor.

Anyway, we're heading home and approaching the mower which is on the opposite side of the road.
Suddenly, something hits my windshield. I think, "OH GREAT! A rock hit my windshield."

Then before I can even finish that thought, it's a glittering shower of "rocks" all over my car. It was LOUD! It was like sparkly hail.

The car in front of me slows WAAAAY down and starts pulling off the road.
That's when I realize, oh man! That's not shiny rocks! That's GLASS!

My whole car is being pelted with auto glass.

The driver in front of me pulls off entirely and as I drive by I can see that the gal's driver side window is completely shattered!

I called the sheriff's department and they said the driver herself had already called. Whew! I was glad to hear that she was ok.
Then I though, oh my! If I was driving two seconds faster, that would have been MY car, and MY babies covered in glass shards! Scary!

My only thought is that the mower must have kicked up a rock or something and it happened to hit that car window just right to totally smash it.

Later on Bob drove by the car on his way home too and he was SHOCKED to hear that we were right behind that vehicle when it happened.

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Jessica said...

Poor lady! Glad it wasn't your babies though. :)