Friday, November 14, 2008

The one in which I don't know what I've gotten myself into...

Last night was the parents' committee meeting at school.
I figured, since all three of my kids will probably be going to Head Start, I've got a good four more years at this school, so maybe I should go to the meetings.

Bob and I and all the kids went. They had child care set up for the kids to play which was awesome.
About midway through the meeting, they announced that they needed to elect a representative to the regional Head Start committee that meets every six weeks in Flagstaff...

Now, as my mom always says, I don't want to be IN a club unless I can be PRESIDENT of the club.

So I asked Bob if it was OK and then volunteered myself.
*Shockingly* noone else volunteered! (I don't mean to be mean, but some of the parents, wow.) At least they came to the committee meeting. There were PLENTY of parents who didn't show up. There's probably about 80 kids at that school, in the four classes. So, 80 sets of parents.
There was maybe 20-25 adults there at the meeting, so about 25 percent turnout. Not terrible. But wow, not great.

I was elected unanimously, yay! So now I'm the Show Low representative to the regional Head Start parents committee. I'm still not sure at all what that means, besides going to Flagstaff every six weeks for a meeting. Hey, it's only two hours or so away and I can shop at the "mall" while I'm there!

Also, the dad who heads up the male involvement activities at the school (just dads coming in with their kids and doing a craft or something dad-like) told Bob that they were moving away in a few months...maybe Bob will take over the male involvement?? Probably not. He's not MUCH of a joiner. But I think it would be fun for him and not much work.
Last time the dads and kids carved pumpkins. Next time it's building a pre-fab wooden crayon box. All the supplies are donated, so it's free and fun. We'll see how that goes.


My computer is right by the front door, cozy.
I just heard some crows realllllly loud out there, so I knew they were either on the porch or on the house. I hate crows, they had to go.
I opened up the front door and two HUGE GIANT DISGUSTING HUGE crows flew away from the house. One was on the roof, one in the tree right next to the porch.
Right in between them, on the porch railing was my kitty Louie! They were trying to attack Louie!!!
Thank goodness I scared them off, they were as big as he is!
As they flew away I said to Louie, "Are you OK?"
He jumped off the porch railing and ran into the house and said "Meow."


Anonymous said...

Isn't Louie the cat who kills everything? I mean, I'm HAPPY your cat did not get killed, but he lat least had some pestering coming. I'm just sayin'.

debdills said...

omg, i just had a very vivid flashback to yesteryear... we are at a gas station in Davis, and a bird flies near where you are pumping gas into the vehicle, and you jump into the car, muttering something about your complete and total hatred of birds. i laugh so hard i nearly wet my pants. the end.

Jessica said...

I'm definitely not a bird fan, that's for sure. Debbie, I think everyone who has spent a good amount of time with me (as you surely have) has a similar "Isn't Jessey crazy? She really is afraid of little tiny birds!" story.
People make fun, but they are evil!
I hate them.

perhaps these crows were sent by the other smaller birds as enforcement again Louie and his ilk for the serial avian murders perpetrated here.

Jessica said...

I once had a boyfriend who had a bird phobia. And my mom rehabilitates wild birds. He was scared of her little tiny finch. We were not impressed. :)

debdills said...

so when do the flagstaff meetings start? do they give you a plush room to crash out in? ;) do they give you a stipend to provide babysitting to make this a vacation of sorts?

or is that just my mommy dream world fantasy that I put way too much faith in?

Jessica said...

The first meeting is the 9th but it's a teleconference. Boo.
But after that, when they are in Flagstaff they do provide a room (plushness to be determined) and also give you a fuel and child care stipend, which is awesome!