Thursday, December 04, 2008

everything's coming up poo


The big kids have been battling a fierce case of poop-o-rama. That's a medical term.

It all started when Dylan puked twice on Sunday night. Then he seemed fine. Elizabeth seemed fine too, until she went to school and poop-o-rama happened.
They actually called me to go pick her up because she was that horribly damaged.
And she was in borrowed clothes. Yikes.
So I brought her home and poop-o-rama continued that evening and the next day, when her brother Dylan decided to join in the fun.

We stayed home from school and tried to recover. Though she puked once in the morning, Elizabeth seemed better, Dylan got worse.

Elizabeth went to school and did fine.
Dylan had poop-o-rama all day and I had to change him in the Walmart parking lot.
We went to pick Elizabeth up from school and Dylan pooed poop-o-rama all in his pull up soaking his pants and running into his shoes. Ugh.

We fled the scene. I was changing Dylan (wearing my biohazard outfit) in the school parking lot when Elizabeth had to run into the school to use the bathroom.
Then she came out and requested baby wipes.

"For what?" I said, handing her two wipes.

"To wipe my potty!" she said, trying to shove the wipes down her jeans.

"No no no! Go back to the bathroom for that!"

And off she went again, returning just a few minutes later WITH the poopy baby wipes in her hand. Egad.

I untied the biohazard bag of Dylan's hideous pull up and tossed in the poo wipes.
My lord.

It just got worse when we got home last night. Poop, poop, poop! Poop-o-rama! We used almost 10 pull ups in a day and a half. Poop everywhere.
Dylan's ass looked sunburnt.
Elizabeth spent hours sitting on the potty. Horrible.

We ended up having to give Dylan Tylenol for the butt pain. Poor little butt.

He fell asleep in the port-a-crib in our room. When he FINALLY woke up this morning around 9 am the stink was horrific! There was poop everywhere. I just bagged the entire contents of the port-a-crib, Dylan himself excluded, and loaded it into the washer and washed it all twice, in boiling hot water and tons of detergent.

Then I changed Dylan into a fresh freshie (we call the pull ups freshies) and he promptly dropped a giant poop-o-rama into it.
I very nearly threw up.

That's when I decided to take them to the doctor. Unfortunately, there's nothing to be done but wait for the fun to be over.


Meredith said...

Hey! We just got over the pukies, never had the poop issue. But it also started on Sunday, and I was puked on 4 times by one kid. Fun times - winter is here!!

eaf said...

I was laughing so hard I nearly pooped myself. Ah, the joy of motherhood. I hope you don't get it as well!

Jessica said...

So far Ben, Bob and I have been's been a rough walk with me this week!

Anne Marie said...

Until I read this post I always thought the puking was WAAAAAY worse than the insane poopin. Now, after reading about poor Dylan's unheard of amounts of spontaneous poopin and the sunburnt bottom- I don't know, this sounds HORRIFIC! Poor kid. Give them all our love and I hope you and Bob and the baby stay healthy.

Jessica said...

Well I don't know, the puke's pretty sick too. Our kids aren't big my update will be a HUGE surprise!