Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Holly Jolly Christmas

It's the best time of the year???

I'll tell you now that there IS snow, and I'm currently having a cup of "cheer"

We're having a low-key, minimal, small scale Christmas again this year. My mom is going to play Santa, arriving on the 23rd with a sleigh Mitsubishi full of presents.
As for us, well, we've had some Christmas miracles that will allow us to get a few gifts for the kids from us. I've been doing well this month at work so, that's a major blessing. Also, Bob has found a guy who is willing to pay him to help hang Christmas lights on his huge house and do minor landscaping and other odd jobs. So Bob has been working some weekends helping this fellow out and making in a weekend about what he makes in a week working his regular job. This has helped the family finances tremendously, obviously.

Other miracles have also happened which will also help make a nice holiday this year and help us beyond the holiday too...all good things.

Last night it snowed about four inches. School was cancelled and Bob couldn't work so we brought the kids to their cousins' house and they all (Bob included, actually Bob leading the way) made a snow igloo using a plastic storage box as a brick form.
It turned out to be QUITE the impressive sculpture. I don't have pics yet...but will post when I do.

The kids are all over their terrible illnesses, thank goodness. Bob and I and the baby all escaped the horror. Now we'll move onto the next round of illness. I noticed Benjamin coughing a bit today...sigh...obviously he's getting the Tazmanian Flu or something.

There's other new news here, but...eh...another post, another day. And no, I'm not pregnant. At all. In any possible way! :)


Anonymous said...

What work do you have - do you mean Crochet Fun Time sales, or did I miss a bunch of something.

Jessica said...

You didn't miss anything! Work for me = Crochet Funtime.

And work has been good this month. People are ramping up for Christmas I suppose!

debdills said...

so, the thing that you're not talking about, is that the thing from before? the don't jinx it thing?

Jessica said...

Nope not even close. That thing is not happening!