Sunday, January 18, 2009

Clementine 12-Step?

I think our whole family is addicted to Clementines.
I bought two huge bags of them Tuesday when they were on sale for $2.98 each and there are like 10 left.
Every night when I clean up the playroom I find the peels of at least three Clementines that were smuggled out of the kitchen when I wasn't looking.
After Bob's usual nighttime snack of a giant bowl of cereal, sometimes he'll have a Clementine too. I know this because every morning I find the bowl, the spoon and the Clementine peel on the coffee table.

I suppose if we HAVE to be munching on something constantly, the Clementine is a good healthy choice. I shouldn't complain.
My kids COULD be peeling into Oreo Cakesters every day and getting lardy. Not that I would ever BUY Oreo Cakesters, but you get my point.

Hi, my name is Jessica, and I am addicted to Clementines.


pstvnrgy said...

"Hi Jessica."

Jessica said...

There is a large box of them on my counter as I type.

Jessica said...

They are fantastic!

Hi Nicole!