Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good day, bad day....same day

I have high hopes for Dylan yet...even after his stellar performance today at Elizabeth's classroom.

We go in to drop her off. Dylan insists that we stay for lunch, even though he and I both know that he's not going to eat the food they serve and will instead raise a ruckus.
I reluctantly agree.

It was a terrible mistake on my part.

Before lunchtime the kids all play for awhile and get settled into the class routine. As I sat at the little lunch table with Benjamin, Dylan was playing with the other kids.

Suddenly I hear a kid cry out "That kid did this!" and make a choking gesture around his throat.

Oy vey. I know it's my kid.

The teacher asks, "who did that?"

"That little guy!"

So, I round up the little guy, aka Dylan, and we start to leave. He throws himself on the floor. I pick him up (still holding Ben) and we leave.

He's hysterical as I explain to him that it's NOT OK to choke your friends and you can't hurt your friends and then stay and have lunch with the kids. It's just not done.

He was just wailing about lunch and not listening to me at all.

By the time we got home, he was totally zonked. Dead asleep.
He slept in the car for about 45 minutes, then woke up crying and came inside, crying, and I asked him if he wanted to take a bath and he cried and said "yesssss"

But before that, I put him up on the potty and told him to pee. He cried and said he couldn't, but then MIRACLE OF MIRACLES!!! He did!!!!

I was overjoyed! I congratulated him and he stopped crying for 2.4 seconds. Then I put him in the tub where he cried for 15 minutes instead of getting washed up. Sigh.

Good day, bad day....
Bad day, good day....


Anonymous said...

You probably can't, like, choke him, to show that it's not nice. You can *kind* of get away with that with biting, but choking. . .yeah, just can't see it.

Jessica said...

I don't even do the "bite them to show them how it hurts" thing. It's too much.
After the incident though, and after the nap, I talked to Dylan about how it's NOT ok to hurt your friends and all that....
When he or his sister hurts the other, we also make them look in the face of the injured party. Usually that will make the batterer cry too and Dylan will usually cry out "I'm SORRY!" all on his own before we even tell him to. They also have a kiss and hug and make up policy.

pstvnrgy said...

Check you out... with the whitemtnmom blogspot. Haha! Nice! That "sudsy" pic is super cute by the way! This story reminds me of stories about my nephew. Sounds like fun. :)