Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I am falling apart....UPDATED!

UPDATE: Good lord, karma has bitchslapped me in both ears!
So, I go into town, drop Elizabeth off at school and head over to the Urgent Care place as my ear is throbbing.
Within the hour the diagnosis is in...double ear infection. OR, and I quote the doctor, "That is the worst ear infection I have seen all day."
In fact, my LEFT ear was the one bothering me, the doc looked into my RIGHT ear first and didn't say a word, but rather made this noise "Eeeeeek" then said "and that's the good one?"

Yeah....karma. See, remember how on Christmas Eve Benny had a double ear infection and I thought he was just teething and Bob ended up taking him into the doctor's office where they probably made the same noise...."eeeeek!"

The doc prescribed me a Z-pack and mucinex (and THAT took TWO HOURS TO FILL AT WALMART!!!!) and that was that.
While WAITING for the damn medicine it got so late in the afternoon that I had to leave Walmart to pick up Elizabeth from school and then go back. That is like a 10 mile trip from Walmart to school and back. Grrr.
As I'm running out of Walmart (after having spent almost TWO HOURS THERE WAITING ALREADY!!!!) my right ear starts to feel like it is a balloon filling up with air and then the stabbing pain began on THAT side of my head as well.
Now both my ears feel like they are stuffed full of cotton. FAN-FRICKING-TASTIC!!

So I go get Elizabeth, rush back to the Walmart, grab the prescription and get the hell home. The whole drive my head is pounding and I very much want to crash the car into a tree to REDUCE my pain.
We got home, I shuffled everyone inside, Ben is WAILING for food and killing me at the same time.
I grab four ibuprofen and a glass of milk, because the first pill of the z-pack is burning a hole in my stomach by now, and sit on the couch with Ben and feed him.
Once he's done, he goes down for a nap and I grabbed a hot wet towel and pressed it against the now throbbing RIGHT instantly feels better. Just for good measure, I poured myself a double shot of whiskey and slugged it back ASAP.
Goooooood lord...that was about a half hour ago, and the searing agony is now down to a dull ache, though everything still sounds like I am underwater. Fabulous.

And that's my day...omitting the part where I got into a screaming match with a dipshit construction worker (not Bob) on the side of the road because he was parked IN THE STREET!! IN THE TWO LANE TWISTY STREET!!! Yeah, I left there and called the sheriff out to deal with them. Ass faces.

********End of Update*********

My cold has traveled into dangerous territory. I now have a wicked nasty ear pain and I can't hear at all out of my left ear, constant nausea and a dry hacking cough. All this added to the stuffed up nose, headache and all over malaise.
I'm a mess. Bob is at work, and I have to get my act together somehow to face the day and take care of the children and drive Elizabeth to school and not die in the process. I really just want to take Nyquil and go to bed, but those selfish days are over. I have to suffer now, because I'm a mother. Feh.

Also, last night Dylan was jumping on my bed and hit himself in the face. Now HE has a black eye. A real nice shiner.
So yeah, we're quite a pair.


Jessica said...

I might have written this post myself. A cold. Ear pain. Nausea. All-over malaise. I feel for you as I am feeling exactly the same.

Meredith said...

The just let me die label is cracking me up...

And I know what you mean. No rest for the weary when there are kids around. Are you going to the doc?

debdills said...

oh bummer, but at least the cottony feeling dulls the noise? ;)
hope the meds kick in ASAP!

Anonymous said...

What does an ear infection look like? All gunky in there? How do they know? I am crossing my fingers for an ear infection free winter. Fell Better soon!

Jessica said...

Deb, you'd THINK that the noise would be dull, but no. Everyday level of sound is like Charlie Brown...whah whah whah...but then a kid screams and a knife goes into my brain. Terrible. I had to threaten them to be vewwy vewwy quiet on the way home, lest I actually did crash the car!

Joan, I have NO idea what it looks like, but it can't be cute. On the outside it makes me look like shrek.

pstvnrgy said...

Hahaha! Very entertaining. I hope that you are completely better now!