Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I haven't laughed so hard in a while...

Against my better judgement, I watched "Bromance" last night.

Holy Hannah, that's some funny stuff!

Not even my semi-secret crush on Brody Jenner can redeem this show. It's just so comically awful that I sort of wish it was all an elaborate meta-prank but I just don't think that Brody Jenner is clever enough for all that planning.
So sadly, I think this show is what it is at face value. A serious attempt to find a "bromance" which is actually funny enough in and of itself.

The dudes on this show are taking it so seriously. So. Seriously.
It makes me sad for them, their mothers and any woman who ever dated any of them.

Two nights ago I stayed up later than I should have to watch "Rock of Love: The Bus" or whatever the hell they're calling the newest Bret Michaels skankfest.
HOLY HANNAH! That's some skanky stuff!

There were some girls on there, wow. Just wow. I correctly picked last seasons "winner" but I'm just not sure yet which way it's gonna go this year. Bret is so skanky and botoxy and balding, I can't believe 20-something girls seriously want to hit that. Though in pervy Bret's defense, he did get rid of half the Blondetourage already. The skankiest half. The c**t shot half. Yuck and YUCK!
However he did keep the Brazilian drunken fool who choked another girl and he did keep the porn star and he did keep the "when I get drunk, I'm a lesbian" girl....sooooo.


Jessica said...

So glad you posted this! I've been too sick to remember to Tivo Rock of Love!!! I have been eagerly awaiting this! Aaaah! Thank goodness they rerun it every 4 seconds.

Last night I watched the season premier of The Bachelor. Love it so.

Jessica said...

PS- Also I watched Momma's Boys. Equally fascinating.

Jessica said...

You know when the OTHER girls on the ROck of Love are appalled by you, you are really nasty!

Anonymous said...

I saw yesterday that you can get Rock of Love, Season 1: Uncensored on PPV. David also said he saw it this weekend at blockbuster.

The only reason I can imagine that he keeps doing these shows is, they must test the girls for diseases, so he's guaranteed not to get ill from screwing them all. Because really, does he need a tv show to get chicks? I doubt it.

Jessica said...

Yes, that and whoever cared about what Bret Michaels was doing before these shows? Not I!

I don't think I care now either.

Maribeth said...

Oh you're cracking me up with your crack tv! I am only allowed to watch the crack when Glenn is gone.