Friday, February 20, 2009

ANTM: Cycle 12

The new cycle of America's Next Top Model starts on March 4 at 8pm/7pm Central on the CW.
Check your local listings!

And while you wait for the divalicious dramaz to begin....pick a winner!
Click here to see the show's cast of aspiring models.

My pick is Natalie.


Andrea said...

I would like to make my choice after I have seen the first episode. So much of it is about attitude and confidence, I can not choose on looks alone. I am taking this very seriously.

Jessica said...

So long as you post a choice here before the first elimination is made, all is well. :)

And, I totally agree. Bob and I have traditionally made our ANTM pics from the one page magazine ads that are out about two weeks before the show premieres. Looks alone. Well, looks AND my vast knowledge of the show's history, past winners, past contestants....etc etc....

It's SORT of like American Idol, but with even less talent.

Be careful though of late the girls with the least attitude and confidence (aka Heather, Marjorie, etc) have been the panel darlings.
You have to weigh the value of the non-model model against the traditional model type. What archetype is valid in our current day and it Cindy Crawford or Kate Moss? Is it Anna Nicole or Agyness Deyn?

I take this VERY seriously. :(
ha ha!

Jessica said...

PS....ANTM is a sociological dream. And a friggin fantastic piece of fluff TV.

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March 4 babies. Er BBs.