Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Newest News!

We have reached another baby milestone in the house!
Ben is cutting a tooth!
It's my last first baby tooth. Sort of sad, sort of happy. I mean, he's much less cranky now that the tooth is finally popped through his poor sad gums. But, now he wants to chew on everything, including me! Not good.

In other news:
Dylan is still sick. He's coughing and hacking and boogering. Nasty. Elizabeth is also a boogery mess, but not as bad as Dylan.
Ben has recovered from his mild cold and seems A-OK now.
Of course, now I am getting sick and Bob is getting sick. Terrible. Not appropriate at all!

In other other news...we're snowed in. Again. I can't wait to move!!
We're snowed in, with three sick to semi-sick kids, two nutso cats, and the cable is out!
The cable is out!!!! Why god why?!?!


Jessica said...

Yeah. Snow. I do not get it. I am covered in snow too. I didn't know this really happened to people. I guess I thought they made it up.

Jessica said...

It really happens. I don't love it anymore. I used to like the snow...now I'm over it!

PS everyone. The cable is out because some ghetto jackasses broke into the cable company and vandalized the equipment. Seriously. Why?
The cable company is sooo far out of town and on a road with like NOTHING else out there, so obviously they went out there (on a Monday night in a snowstorm) on purpose to deprive me of the reruns of "The Office" that are on tonight.
Seriously, I can't watch Snow Buddies and Snoopy movies all day.
I might actually have to clean something.
THis is a tragedy.

Susie said...

the last first baby tooth is sad! I will mourn with you. I would *SO* love to experience that again.