Thursday, February 05, 2009

A wonderful discovery

Ben has found his wiener.
From what I understand, it's a monumental occasion for a dude of any age.
I'm happy for him.
I'm so not happy for me though, because now every time I take off the kids diaper, he frantically tries to grab his new toy. Even when, like this morning, it's covered in poop. He also laughs maniacally while he's doing it. So it's all very odd. Then when I rediaper him, he cries like his puppy just died. Terrible.

Good for Ben though. He's finally found the everlasting source of his manly power. Or as his brother calls it, his "weeder and nuts"


Maribeth said...

I was asking Meredith about this very thing today. Evan loves it too. He always grabs with the same hand too. Think he is going to be a righty (which really is too much info for this mommy). Evan's been doing it for months and I do not see an end in site. Must be a guy thing b/c my daughter certainly never grabbed down there...although she told my husband in the bath a couple of weeks ago that she has a button down there and he could touch it if he wanted. My husband came out screaming... guess it's time to have the talk!

Jessica said...

Oh yeah, we had the chat with Elizabeth and Dylan both about privacy, private areas and all that...they know that noone is supposed to touch their private areas at all. Ever!! :)

Dylan is still obsessed with his, yeah, totally a guy thing.

Kenna said...

That's so hilarious! I remember when Nathan discovered his, he's still pretty fascinated with it.

Blue House Soaps Blog said...

He will stop doing this when he is....oh wait, they NEVER stop!

Susie said...

Ha Melissa! My husband always has his hand down his pants. I once asked him why. He said he just likes to hold it.