Monday, March 09, 2009

I'm not as fun as daddy, and I'm truly so sorry about that

Bob was home this weekend after spending four days in New Mexico for work. He's going back tonight or tomorrow, which is sad for the kids. They are all totally in love with daddy. To them, he glows! He IS the sun.
The other day Elizabeth said that she loved daddy so much because he is "soooooo fun"

"Isn't mommy fun?"
"Uh, no."
"What?! We just spent an hour playing your fairy video game together and I'm not fun?"
"Ok ok, you're fun."

Damn right I'm fun!

But my funness was totally trumped by daddy's funness when he took the two big kids to Pottery Hill to hunt for pottery shards and look for cool rocks and wildlife.

When they got back Elizabeth told me about the highlight of the excursion the absolute most fun thing ever...

"Mom! Oh my gosh! I saw ELK POOP!"

Not only am I less fun than daddy, I'm less fun than poop. A crushing blow.

Some recent pics, none of poop.

Benny, seemingly armless in the jumperoo

Here's me, not being fun

Dylan feeding the cats

Elizabeth, she's sooo fun

Benny, trying to cruise around the room


Tigerlilly said...

I'm afraid we're both no fun. I dont get it. I'm the one that has played endless hours of barbie and pony!!! Jeesh...

Jessica said...

You don't help them find animal poo, which makes you LAME!

clean clothes and full bellies are just not fun I guess.

Anonymous said...

Tell her your friend in Alaska has moose poo in her front yard. Maybe that will help make you fun.

Susie said...

LOL.. it's not the poo i don't think. I am always playing the "which animal made this poo?" game with the kids and dad is STILL more fun. I think it's novelty. They don't know who he is, so it's like a fun guy to play with every once in a while LOL.

Jessica said...

I do wonder if families with Mr. Moms have the opposite experience...
but I doubt it...moms are just hard-wired to be the brakes, dads are the gas pedal of life.