Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why here? Why now?

Today I realized what a strange and unique place I have chosen as my current hometown.

Show Low, Arizona is about as far off the beaten path as it gets. You're not coming through here on your way to someplace else. If you're here, it's because you either planned it that way, or you're terribly lost.

Despite that fact, there are a HECK of a lot of people coming here from all over the country. I have evidence!!!

Today on my near daily trip to the WalMart SuperCenter I noticed a peculiar thing.
On my walk from the store back to my car, just walking up one row of the parking lot, I saw cars with license plates from the following states...

New Mexico

Then driving back home I saw more out of state plates from....


Very odd.

I've decided to create a map called Out of State License Plates I've Seen In Show Low
I won't count all the ones I've seen before, which include several Mexican estados and a few Canadian provinces. I'll start fresh today. Even though I've already seen a billion Hawaii and Alaska plates here and thought, why? How?

Here is the map:


Anne Marie said...

Arizona is super cool, that's why. I want to go there! We had a guy write to our local Nor California newspaper last week saying how all the smart people live in Arizona. He believes this because it is the only state that has abandoned the whole "daylight savings" nonsense. All those out of state license plates probably aren't there because they are against daylight savings, but maybe they are there to be around all you smart people!

Jessica said...

There are actually a LOT of California refugees in AZ. And getting rid of Daylight savings is seriously awesome. One less frigging thing to deal with twice a year!

I'll be updating the map with my new states seen! I've already got more!