Friday, April 03, 2009

ANTM: Cycle 12 - Fifth Elimination

Previously: Celia was a beeeeyotch at panel, drawing a very bad sort of attention to herself....

This week:
The dustup over Celia's bratty move at panel continues with Aminat jumping into the fray and attacking both Celia and Allison AND Natalie. Allison, predictably, nearly weeps. Natalie is badass and doesn't crack. Awesome.

Beth Ostrosky Stern comes in for a teach about expressions and expressive faces, which is nearly laughable. She always looks the exact same to me.

The girls do a challenge where they stick their faces into giant cardboard cutouts of Tyra photos. Seriously? It was quite funny. Some girls just did NOT know what to do with their faces to match the pose, others did. Natalie and London were particularly expert at this challenge with my girl Natalie winning!
Though now I'm worried that she'll be another Heather. Winning all the CoverGirl of the Weeks and eventually losing....sigh.

To the photoshoot, which was good but not nearly as creative as last week.

The girls are doing a beauty shot where they will be dusted with pigments and will have to represent the color. This is a total spin off of Cycle 10s dripping paint on the face beauty shot. Yaaaaaawn.

Each girl got her own color....
Allison - Hot pink
Aminat - green
Tahlia - purple
Teyona - yellow
Fo - red
London - blue
Natalie - orange
Sandra - white
Celia - grey

Some of these selections make me feel like the fix is in....Fo the Fierce gets red? Come on now!

As per usual, some girls brought the face, some fell flat.
Fo and London were called "fabulous" and "genius" by Mr. Jay, respectively.

Then at panel, the judges slammed both London AND Allison for having no range in facial expression. They also said that Teyona, who Mr. Jay said couldn't smile properly, was brilliant, though I found her picture ho-hum. Celia and Aminat were merely good and Fo of course was FIERCE.
Natalie needs to find her light to give her face bones? What?
Tahlia looks better in pics than in person, largely due to her very bad hairstyle and Sandra's picture was just flat out boring.

Call Out Order!
NO shock with the pic of the week.
Fo the Fierce
Teyona (seriously, I don't see it!)

leaving the bottom two of boring Sandra and bitchy Celia.

Ultimately, Sandra's inability to deliver a compelling photo that was not in profile led to her ouster from the competition and Celia was left to bitch another day.

Ironically, during Sandra's farewell reel she talks about how she is soooo much better than all the other girls and that ANTM really is going to miss out on a great winner by letting her go and we haven't seen the last of her...though I really suspect that we probably have.

Tune in next week!

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