Thursday, April 09, 2009

ANTM: Cycle 12 - Sixth Elimination

Someone is going to have to chime in on this one because I can't figure out how this happened!

I'm honestly lost.

Last week:
Tahlia was awesome and in the top three. Natalie had no bones in her face and Allison was told, BRING ANOTHER LOOK OR ELSE!

This week:
The fight against Natalie continues because she "thinks she's better than everyone else"
Uh, maybe she is better? I'm only saying that because she's my pick. But seriously. If she really thinks she's better, why should she pretend to think that she sucks. I think she rocks. The other girls should either raise their game or ignore her!


After this I had 100 major kid crises pop up so bear with my lame recap this week!
Clay Aiken comes in for the challenge. OMIGOD! Gayken!
The girls are supposedly learning how to act. From Gayken? He couldn't even convincingly act straight. At all. When he was TRYING TO!


Then the girls face off in an act off where they are supposed to say a line in certain ways. How do you say something that cannot be construed in any way as Bossy in a "bossy" way? Very confusing.

Paulina was involved so of course it was snark city.

London wins the challenge.

The girls meet last cycle's winner McKey. Yawn. She is a dogface.

Then they did a Cover Girl commercial, in teams. Whoa. Fo the Fierce was super LAME.
Yikes. And challenge winner London was el suck in her feature role but then killed as a background girl. SOMEONE has confidence problems!

Then at panel, Nigel said Natalie looked like a Bond girl doing Cover Girl. Is that bad?
I missed a bunch of panel. Some child emergency, like someone was looking at someone else....sigh.

Then the panel said that Tahlia has the exact look that this client wants....Oooookay, so she must be safe right?

Oh, and they made Allison and Teyona change outfits because Allison had already worn her dress in week one. Wha?

Celia rocked the commercial and gets the first call-out. She was actually really good, except that Tyra basically said she looked old. Well, she's 25 not 17. Duh.

Callout order:
Natalie (?)
Teyona (who I still don't understand)

Leaving a bottom two of Allison, uh oh goth Barbie! and Tahlia. What? Tahlia? They said she was good!?!


In maybe one of the most shocking eliminations, even after Tyra lambasts Allison for STILL being a one-look model, she is spared and TAHLIA (who I didn't like in the first place, but the judges were ga-ga for) is chopped from the competition.


And she didn't even cry. She cried about everything else!!

Someone fill me in on what the heck happened!??!?

Who will go next week????

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