Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Head Injury!

Last night Dylan and his sister were running around the front yard, burning off energy and all of a sudden, BLAM!
Dylan fell hard in the driveway and slammed his head right into the cinders. Ugh.
Bob picked him up and proclaimed him "hurt bad!"
Once inside and cleaned up, we saw that it looked like a chunk was missing from his head on the side of his forehead near his hairline. Ugh!
Blood was everywhere.
Bob put Dylan into the truck and, with Elizabeth in tow, whisked him off to urgent care. Apparently there was noone else there but it still took two hours. Ridiculous.

When it came time to fix him up, Dylan totally freaked out and refused to get any sort of shot. Bob told the doctor to Dermabond his head shut. Glue. They glued my baby's head!

Then they all went to Sonic where for a couple of ice cream treats Bob got a receipt so huge you'd have thought he bought a thousand ice creams and a washer/dryer. Seriously, it was ginormous. Sonic people you should really cut down on your wasteful receipts! It's green week you know!

The kids came home and Dylan ran across the driveway, again, yelling "I feel better!"

"Stop running in the driveway turbo! You want to fall again?"

"NO!" he said, and raced up the stairs past me.

Sigh. Boys.


Kenna said...

Poor Dylan:(

Anonymous said...

It's because he got Sonic as a reward, that's why he went crazy again.

pstvnrgy said...

Hahahaha! Cute picture!

Jessica said...

I'm gonna have to clean that wound today really well and he's gonna flip out...and I'm not giving him Sonic afterwards either!

Jessica said...

That is so horrible. I am very bad with blood and gore. Poor little Dylan and poor you for having to clean it out.