Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sniffle, my baby is growing up!

Yesterday afternoon I dropped Elizabeth off at her friends house for her first ever very official sleepover that did not involve any family members whatsoever!
And I didn't cry!

She was beyond excited! She woke up Saturday morning just begging to go over early, though we weren't scheduled to arrive until 3 pm.
At 10:15 am she ran in and said "Mom! The clock says 3 we have to go!"
I said "Not yet! When the little hand points to the 3, then it's 3 pm."

She walked off grumbling.

When we FINALLY dropped her off, she was jumping out of her carseat with excitement.
I brought her and the boys inside and hung out for awhile, not that Elizabeth cared one bit. In fact, she was asking me beforehand WHY she could only stay over ONE night instead of eleventy billion....sigh.

As I was leaving I said "Be good, be polite and kind and you can call me later if you need to!"

She sort of shrugged me off...
"OK mom, OK."
And went back to making princess crafts with her friend.

Well, fine then!

She never called either, which I'm hoping is a good sign. I almost called to check on her, but then didn't want to seem like a crazy mom or break up a happy time for her by reminding her that she wasn't home and potentially CAUSING her problems, you know?

So I refrained, which was hard for me.
My little girl, she's growing up so fast!


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you just call the mom and ask HER how Elizabeth was doing? Then you wouldn't have made Elizabeth sad that she wasn't home (ha, doubtful!), and you could have been all weepy mom.

Jessica said...

It's true, I could have checked in on her secretly....
But kids are smart, she probably would have heard Kenna on the phone and just KNOWN that it was me. As it is she's all secretive about the details of her sleepover....she won't tell me what they had for dinner, what movie they watched or anything else really.
I guess I'm just intrusive and lame. :)

Kenna said...

Yep!!! You could have just called me..of course & I totally would have understood!

The girls had a great time & Elizabeth was great! The girls are so alike it's kind of scary:)