Sunday, April 19, 2009


I've been hit and miss lately because of two factors.
Factor 1: My computer was a piecer. AKA a piece of doggie doo doo on your shoe, all smeary and horrible.

Factor 2: My mom was visiting. Which of course means that we're always either doing fun activities, grocery shopping or cleaning the house. Or watching HGTV.
Mostly the last one.

But I'm back in full effect now because of two events:

Event 1: Mom went back home and I'm seriously considering blocking HGTV from my television just so I don't ACCIDENTALLY start watching it again and falling into old patterns and begin to consider the notion that I should re-paint ALL my kitchen cabinets.
HGTV already got me to make new couch pillows for the living room, purchase fabric for new pillows for the kids playroom, make new curtains for Elizabeth's room (including matching bed pillows) AND buy Dylan new Thomas the Tank Engine bedding.
Seriously. Enough!!!

oh, and....
Event 2: My husband went out today and spent a good portion of his hard-earned money on a NEW computer tower for us!
No more overheating! No more fried motherboard! No more jet-plane engine fans!
Now I just have to transfer my hard-drive contents and it's allllll good!
Yay yay yay!!!

In other news:
I asked Elizabeth today, "Don't you miss Nani?"
She said, "No!"
"What? I miss her already!"
"I don't like to miss things. And we're going to see her this summer!"

So I'm a big dork for missing my mom and Elizabeth is a coooooool cucumber.
Yeah, right.


Kenna said...

Right on...a new computer. My sounds like it's gonna take off sometimes:)

I am so jealous...LOL!

Melissa Gephart said...

As Kip would say...'and yeees I love technology...'

Jessica said...

Don't be jealous because I've been online chatting with hot babes all night!

Melissa Gephart said...

Your mom goes to college.