Friday, April 17, 2009

Poor Nani!

My mom is here visiting for her spring break.

Wednesday night she was not feeling good and went to bed early. Before 8 pm.
Then yesterday she seemed much better. She went to Elizabeth's school for the day and watched the kids while I went out to karaoke last night.

It must have been too much because the poor girl woke up today sooo sick!
I took all the kids out of the house so she could get a good nap. It didn't work. She was having trouble catching her breath so she went down to the Urgent Care.

Turns out she's got bronchitis. So sad.
Now we're not sure WHEN she'll be able to travel back home, since she has to drive NINE hours to get there.

Poor Nani!

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Susie said...

that stinks! Tell your mom I said I hope she feels better.