Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nice relaxing day

Last night we had some friends over for a barbeque. It was super fun and totally kicked off the warm weather events.
You gotta love a BBQ!

Today is Mothers Day and my kids' present to me so far has been staying asleep long enough for me to get a whole cup of coffee into my body. I'm sure the screeching will start soon. Sigh.


Kenna said...

Happy Mother's!

We sure did have a awesome time last night!

Kenna said...

I meant to say "Happy Mother's Day"

Jessica said...

Yeah! Now I got all these buns and hot dogs. That's what she said.

Seriously, we're gonna BBQ again on Saturday for Ben's birthday. around noonish....
So y'all better be here. You'll be eating your own hot dogs!
That's what she said.

Kenna said...

Right on!!!