Friday, May 08, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12: Tenth Elimination

Is it just me or is this season really getting boring? Er I mean CYCLE.
Noone is ripping out tracks or getting pushed into pools by 50 Cent or viciously hating each other and tampering with various foodstuffs.
Where's the passion and the glory.

Anyway...we're almost done.

Final four...two gorgeous black women and two bleached out albinos. Fitting.
This week they are learning the Samba. In Brazil. Tres jolie. Er, I mean Fiesta!

Aminat did the best at faking that she knew how to dance. Allison looked like a gerbil, an albino gerbil.
Surprise Celia was stiff. And Teyona proved that not all black girls can dance. Well, Teyona and Whitney Houston teamed up on that one.

At the samba dance challenge the girls had a chance to win $7,000 in jewelry.
BIG surprise, Celia relaxed and won the challenge! Aminat was PISSED off. PIIIIIISSED off.

Another big surprise, Celia shared her prize with Allison instead of the second runner up....which is like duh, but apparently Paulina and Aminat were actually surprised by that. Huh?

Also noteworthy, Aminat used the word "dichotomy" and used it correctly. I was super freaking impressed. Who knew models had brains?

Tyra did a very lame acting performance to usher the girls into their photoshoot. Birds in a nest. Tyra was the photographer. The styling was actually cool. Though I thought it definitely was better for the white girls, just speaking from a perspective of contrast. Albino girl against super dark background vs dark skinned girl against super dark background. Eh, just my thought.

Allison's shot was the best. I think she might just win this whole thing.

Callout was pretty predictable
Leaving Aminat and Celia in bottom two.

Celia finally gets the boot for being so old. 25.
Tyra is so insulting when she tells her "you definitely should stay in fashion, as a designer or stylist"
Final three next week....and that's it. Whew. I was tired of this anyway.

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