Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wow! I took a long time off!

Ten days is a long time between posts! Sorry everyone!

Let's see...We've actually been pretty busy lately.
Bob's been working every day, weekends included. Which of course is great and not great.

We spent Father's Day out at his dad's house, out in the middle of absolutely nowhere at all. Or to be more precise....right about here...

It's dirt roads baby.

Anyway...At the end of BBQ and family fun, Bob and his dad drove up to the top of the mountain there and set off fireworks. Totally illegal!

While we were there, Elizabeth fell off the back steps and cut her forehead pretty good. Blood was pouring down her face. She looked like a prizefighter.

She was not amused.

The next day I took the kids over to Round Valley to visit with their Aunt Kim and Uncle Eddie and their kids. Five boys! One of whom was not there, so four boys.
That also was fun. Elizabeth slept in a tent in the backyard with her cousins and had a blast. Dylan, Ben and I slept inside, though I could barely sleep on account of it being 400 degrees! Ugh. Why don't any of us have A/C??!

There's this all-purpose store over there called Western Drug and General Store. They have everything. Including taxidermied animal heads on the wall.
The kids REALLY loved that! Especially the javelina getting beat down by the mountain lion. Very cool.

We came back Tuesday and it was still ridiculously hot. Yesterday also, unbearably hot. I let the kids frolic on the front porch while I sprayed them off with the hose. THAT'S how hot it was.
Today thank GOD it's raining and it started raining early so it never really got hot at all. And as an added bonus to the already great it's not boiling hot news...because of the rain I can skip watering today! Yay!

And that's pretty much it.
The next few weeks promise to be far more exciting, I swear!

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