Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is this the only thing?

So, Michael Jackson died. And subsequently MTV has decided to play M on the TV. I like this decision. There's only so much Real World:Cancun a girl can take!

We happened to switch on the MTV right when the epic video for "Thriller" was coming on. Despite my kids' young age, I thought they should watch it.
And naysayers, they were fine and undamaged for life. So chill out.

Anyway, they loved it.
Today I was watching a news show and there was a MJ montage including a clip from "Thriller".

Dylan came running in from outside and peeked over the couch to watch the video.

"Do you want to watch the whole thing?" I asked him.

"Yes!!!" he said.

So I pulled it up on YouTube. Shortly we were joined by Elizabeth AND Benny!

Halfway through the clip I asked Elizabeth..."Do you like this video?"

"YES! I love it!" she said. "Is this the only thing on the Internet?"

"Uh, no," I said.

"There's MORE!?!?!?" she said.

"Yes, lots more," I said.

"Alright!" she said.

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Kenna said...

Too funny...I had my kids watch Thriller also & they too LOVED IT! And immediately wanted to watch it again.