Monday, July 06, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend.....

Posting quickly before I fully immerse myself in the wonder that is my mom's digital cable package....ahhhhh. Movies on Demand! I love YOU the best!

We drove up caravan style from Show Low to Hatch. 384 miles.
Stopped for breakfast. Stopped for gasoline. Stopped to eat. Stopped to pee.

Note to my friends: NEVER EVER buy off-brand beef jerky at a third-rate convenience store on an indian reservation. You will puke. Or at least, you will want to.
Despite the attractive 99 cent price, Tom's beef jerky - or whatever made up brand it was - did not cut the mustard, as they say.

You get the drift. We stopped in Page, Arizona to shop for essential supplies before crossing over into Utah. Chips, pretzels and above all else SODA! Apparently, this is very important to my husband.

We finally get to our destination. Fun times ensue.
There was a Fourth of July omelette breakfast. Fourth of July candy parade. Fourth of July carnival (at which Dylan won a race as he was the fastest three year old in attendance!). Fourth of July Potluck dinner and finally the moment we were all waiting for....the fireworks!!!

There were THREE fireworks shows within our view, and we also totally did not set off our own fireworks as that would be illegal. It was lots of fun!

Sunday was spent lounging around, enjoying the weather and sights.
We had burgers for dinner on the front porch. Very nice.

That night, we certainly did not let off more fireworks along the highway.
Much fun.

This morning we woke up, cleaned, packed up and we took off for California!
From Hatch, Utah to Simi Valley = 522 miles...IF you take the RIGHT exit off the 15 in Barstow and not the WRONG exit and end up at Edwards AFB. Whoops!
My accidental trip through the high desert added 26 miles to the drive, but with such fun towns to drive through as Hinkley, famous as the town poisoned by PG&E from "Erin Brockovich" and the aptly named Boron...who notices!!

We FINALLY made it here! Yay!
We had spaghetti dinner and are now relaxing.

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Kenna said...

Glad you guys made it safe & sound!!!