Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I come from a family of crazies

This is so nutsy, I don't even know where to begin.

OK, my mom makes fantastic spaghetti sauce. Fan-fricking-tastic. We never had a jar of Ragu in our house growing up. Anathema.

When I got married, she gave me the recipe. Other than telling you how many cans of tomatoes to put in, there are no amounts. Just a list of ingredients and what order to add them to the pot, basically.

I mean literally, it says "add salt and pepper and spices". No measurements whatsoever. This is because my mom doesn't measure when she makes it, and frankly neither do I. I put in the spices until it looks right. It's hard to convey that via recipe though!

Anyway. Last night/this morning I made a huge batch of sauce. Some friends asked me for the recipe so I put it on my recipe blog then posted a link on my Facebook account.

Well, I tell you, my brother freaked out. He demanded I remove the recipe, called me a traitor to the family and defriended me. In that order.
I laughed my ass off.

Seriously. Tomatoes, onion, garlic....these are secret ingredients?

I tried to joke with him about it but he was totally serious. I think he needs Prozac.

After I laughed for awhile, I called my mom so she could laugh too.

I barely even got the words, "So I put the recipe on my blog..." out of my mouth and I heard this audible gasp.

"You ARE a traitor!" she said.

I laughed even harder than before.
"Mom seriously! You're not mad! What's the secret...oh shhh don't look, there's TOMATOES in the recipe. Ooooh."

She laughed, I think, and then in all seriousness said "Well you better not put my cheesecake recipe online! That's a secret!"

"Mom!" I said. "You got that from our neighbor!"

"Yes I did. I got it, and now it's mine, and it's top secret."

Loons. Every one of them.

Next recipe I post...mom's SECRET recipe for Grilled Cheese. Hint: There's cheese in it.


Kenna said...

Are you serious? Wow...you brother really does sound like he needs Prozac or something...LOL!

Anonymous said...

I thought you and your brother had worked things out, since you linked to his band's video.

I want your mom's secret recipe to breakfast cereal.

Andrea said...

So funny! I love that you are a true journalist, no one can keep you from exposing the TRUTH!

Jessica said...

Amy: I love and support my brother. Even if I don't always like him. :)

Dre: The truth is that it's a miracle that I'm only as crazy as I am!

Melissa Gephart said...

Your family is even more crazy than mine - and that's no small feat.