Friday, August 14, 2009

Smart Car?

You've probably seen these things driving around your town lately. I first noticed them while visiting my mom in Southern California and thought...."what will these crazy fruitcake nutjobs think of NEXT?"

Then I came home...

I live in a fairly rural and definitely isolated area....and these dang Smart Cars are like cockroaches here too!

Granted, I'd bet good money that EVERY SINGLE PERSON driving a Smart Car in the White Mountains of Arizona doesn't actually live here year round. I mean, that dang car looks like three inches of snow would topple it right over! Not to mention the danger of slamming your car into any sort of animal on the happens! We had an elk hit by a freaking PLANE not too long ago....the wildlife here is nuts.

The kids and I were at Safeway and a couple driving a ForTwo parked next to us. The kids were fascinated. I mean, the damn thing is so tiny, it looks like a flipping toy!

The couple walked by and the man asked the kids "hey, do you like that little car?"
And the kids, perhaps sensing the freakazoidalness of the person asking the question, clammed up like, well, clams.

For the sake of decorum I said, "They LOVE it!" but what I wanted to say was "Jesus Christ how do you FIT INTO THAT THING? And aren't you afraid of crashing?"

I mean, yes, it's tiny and fuel efficient and environmentally friendly and whatever....but I don't care WHAT your safety reports say....if that Smart Car gets hit by an SUV...its sardines time.


Anonymous said...

I first saw one 5 1/2 years ago on our honeymoon in Paris. They were everywhere, and I was so fascinated by them that I actually took a picture AND put it in our honeymoon album.

Kenna said...

I totally agree! This post totally cracked me up but ya definitely have a point!

Susie said...

When we lived in Italy there was a smart car dealership down the road from us. I wanted to bring one home in my luggage! :)