Friday, August 07, 2009

Kindergarten is Looming

Next Wednesday is Elizabeth's kindergarten orientation. Real School! Yipes!

This morning she was sitting next to me on the couch while I drank my coffee and she turned to me and said "Mom, are you gonna be happy about me going to kindergarten?"

"Yes! Of course. You're a big girl now!"

"Yep. I just get bigger and bigger. Are you gonna be happy about my next birthday?"

"Yes, you're going to be six years old!"

"Yeah, I can never stop growing!"

Then she tried to make me do yoga with her out of her "My Daddy is Pretzel" book, but she couldn't find the book. Whew!

No yoga for me until I've had at least two cups of coffee!


Kenna said...

Yikes!!! Kindergarten! Elizabeth & McKayla both...are big girls now!!

Tigerlilly said...

This was our first week of Kindergarten for us! We had a blast... but I can't believe my girls are getting so big. They will both be reading their own bed time stories by the end of the year...*sniff*

eaf said...

I am as excited for her Kindergarten as Athena's! Of course, I'm not excited any more for Athena's, cause it's old hat now... but you know what I mean. YAY!

Jessica said...

I'm totally excited, but also totally terrified!

She however, would rather be at kindergarten right now, in the middle of the night.