Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Last night I was watching Big Brother and working out and I hear shrieking coming from the other side of the house.
I'm not IMMEDIATELY alarmed because it was just ONE kid shrieking and let's face it, screaming bloody murder is pretty commonplace around here. Very rarely is there actually some sort of bloody murder situation going on. Sort of like the boy who cried wolf, I have the kids who scream like they are on fire when the actual "emergency" is that one or another sibling has looked at the toy they have or has thought about looking at that toy or is awake and breathing.

But I digress.
I continued to work out and Bob got up to assess the situation.

The kids were in the toy room. Elizabeth was yelling.

"I saw something climbing on the curtain in the corner of my eye!"

"Was it a bug?" Bob asked. We're currently being invaded by bugs.

"NO! It was bigger! Like a mouse!"

Bob immediately starts hunting down the mouse, finds nothing. Asks Elizabeth, "are you SURE?"

"Maybe it was just my imagination."

Bob tells her if she sees it again to let him know, normalcy returns.

Ten minutes later I hear a chorus of screaming, both Elizabeth and Dylan.

"It WAS a mouse. There it IS!! Daaaaaaaaaaddy! A mouse!!! A MOUSE!!!"

Bob runs back in there. Overturns EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF FURNITURE in the room. Tosses EVERY SINGLE TOY in the room around. Finally finds and stomps the mouse.

Bob: 147 Mice: 0

As he removes the body, Bob proceeds to lecture the children that if their toy room wasn't such an ungodly mess he would have found the mouse much sooner and not had to completely dismantle the room to do so.
This seems to make sense to the traumatized children who were then told that they would have to clean up the mess tomorrow (meaning today).

Uh yeah. Guess who is ACTUALLY going to be cleaning up the mess....

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I had to kill a mouse in our bathroom earlier this summer. They are fast! Luckily I had swiffer to smoosh it with, instead of my foot. Ick.