Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Packing sucks!

We are listing the house for sale and therefore was are clearing out all of our clutter and junk so it is presentable for potential buyers.

This is not easy. This is not fun.

I had a kick ass day of cleaning and packing and boxing up my life yesterday. Today, eh, not so much.
I'm burnt out!!

Today's mission is to get my bedroom and closet presentable for strangers to traipse through. NOT AN EASY TASK!

This will involve folding 800 piles of laundry, actually MAKING the bed every day and GOD the cleaning!

My first step is to go through my closet and bag up and donate ALL the clothes that I am seriously never EVER going to wear again.
This should be a doozy.

Then I will fold ALL of the laundry in the known universe AND put it all away where it belongs...that second step really is the key.

After that is all finished I'll make the bed with MATCHING pillowcases instead of what I usually do, which is whatever I grab goes on the bed!
Then vacuum vacuum vacuum. Voila!

Now, if I could just get myself away from the computer, which is much more fun than cleaning.....hmmmm, if only.


Jessica said...

I was just there. Totally feel your pain.

Jessica said...

PS- I love Big Brother so much. Everything went EXACTLY as I hoped but never expected. LOVE IT.

Amy said...

Ugh yes. It sucked moving across town, it sucked moving upstairs, I'm sure it sucks even more moving to another state!

Melissa Gephart said...

Yep, I just went through that whole hellish ordeal last month. But it is SO nice when it's all DONE and behind you, and you can move forward with a fresh perspective and a lot less crap.

Jessica said...

Amen Melissa! I'm already so much happier now with the reduction of clutter and crap!
This is something to think about!

Shh said...

I find packing as emotionally draining as it is physically. Having to touch every thing in the house, and decide to keep or throw... not always easy.