Sunday, September 27, 2009

So crazy, but such a good heart

My husband's cousin Evan is preparing to go on a church mission to Ecuador. He is leaving for his language training in about a week or so.
Today was his farewell gathering. Bob had to work so I took the kids over to visit with him and see their aunt and uncle and all their cousins. Mormons=lots of cousins.

Another of Bob's cousins has two little girls, one around 3 the other maybe a few months older than Ben. Dylan of course zeroed in on the girls and only wanted to hang out with them. What can I say, he digs chicks.

At some point during the party, Dylan wandered over to me with a very sour look on his face. He explained to me that the girls had a penguin toy and he threw it into tall grass and now he couldn't find it and he had to find it for the girls.

I went to go help him find the penguin, but it was nowhere to be found.

I told him "Look, honey, I can't find that toy and the girls don't seem upset at all so I think it's going to be alright."

He sat down in the grass, hung his head in his hands and mumbled, "It's all my fault mom. It's all my fault."

"Honey, it's ok!" I tried to reassure him.

He just stood up, gave me a hug and said, "I just want to go home now."

Poor little lamb.

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Jessica said...

Aw, what a little sweetie. :)