Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eff You Nickelodeon!

Not that we didn't already have plans for this afternoon, BUT I'm still annoyed with Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play

Not that it's not a good idea or a nice sentiment. But seriously.
My kids were split on the concept.

Once the announcement started running on Nick "Turn off your televisions..." etc.... my daughter turned to face me, got VERY serious and said "Mom, don't listen to him!"

And I probably would have been more alarmed by her reluctance to switch off the boob tube if she wasn't actually drawing a picture of butterflies while I was watching a documentary on Homer's "Odyssey"

Her brother, however, took the news very seriously.

As soon as the "Turn off your TV" annoucement started running, HE began running through the house admonishing us for watching TV and reminding us to put down our cell phones!

"We gotta turn off the TVs! ALL the TVs!!" he ran by yelling.

I appreciate the sentiment Nickelodeon, I really do, but isn't The Fresh Beat Band enough torture for one week?


Maribeth said...

I completely agree. We had horrible weather here so there was no go out and play. I opted to take the non napper to the grocery daycare to play while I shopped. Turns out she watched a Barbie movie!

Anonymous said...

We had an impromptu TV turn off when Fox went black in the start of the Bears game. The only channel to go kaplooey. Not pretty!

Jessica said...

Oooh Amy, that is harsh! And so wrong!