Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some Funny Vignettes

Because my life as of late has been largely consumed with packing, taping, folding, sorting, trashing and cleaning....I present for you here a collection of the hilarious things that have happened this week:


The kids have started using what they call "Good Noodle" charts. Basically a list of chores or activities that they can earn star stickers for every day. Each sticker is worth 25 cents toward the purchase of a toy. They are each working toward a specific toy.
One of Dylan's items is "Get a good report from school" since he's had some issues in that area.
When we pick him up from school we ask the teacher thumbs up or down. Then we ask Dylan in the car on the way home. One day this week his teacher gave him a good report, said he listened well and is improving but that he tends to be overzealous in giving the kids hugs. Which I think is a cute problem to have. In the car, I asked Dylan how his day was, his reply...

"I didn't even kick anyone!"


Last night we were watching The Weather Channel to see if we'd be getting rain this weekend or not. We're not, incidentally.

When we clicked over they were showing the forecast for the southern states. All rain, just rain everywhere.
Dylan bolted upright on the couch and said "That's way too much raining! There's rain everywhere! That's too much rain."


My kids love to dance, particularly they love to dance to the NCIS theme song. Don't ask me why, they just love it.
The other day I was watching one of those daily NCIS marathons, where they play like three episodes in a row. So every hour on the hour I would jack up the TV volume and the theme song would start playing and Dylan and Elizabeth would come running in from wherever they were and start dancing to the techno beat.
Then about 30 seconds later just barely over the top of the couch I'd see this other little head running in from another room, it was BENNY!
He'd join the other kids, with a big smile on his face, and HE'D start dancing too!
So funny. I'll have to tape it sometime!


Kenna said...

Funny stuff:)

Anonymous said...

I didn't kick anybody today either, can I have a star?!

Jessica said...

Yes Amy! You get a "Didn't kick anyone today" star!
Good job!
I know, it's hard. It's a daily struggle.

Jessica said...

And PS not only did we get rain, and too much rain, we also got about a half hour of freezing pelting hail. Total suck.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes it is, I want to kick my stupid landlord. I have already been banned from talking about it anymore. Three days, that is a banning record, I think.

Jessica said...

Have you been banned FOR three days or banned AFTER three days of ostensibly incessant complaining about said landlord?

I want to kick so many people...I'd have to start a new blog.