Friday, September 25, 2009

What Would You Do For Some Pudding in the Morning?

This morning Dylan politely requested that he be allowed to eat pudding for breakfast.

"Moooooooooooom!" he yelled from across the house. "I. WANT. PUDDING!!!!!!!!!!!"

"You are crazy! It's 9:30 in the morning!" I said.

Ten minutes later.

"Mooooom! I SAID! I. WANT. PUDDING!!!" he yelled again.

"Yeah, well, I want fifty bucks." I said.


He jumped off the couch and ran by me into the kitchen where he grabbed the step stool.

"I have to get the stepping stone to get mommy fifty bucks so I can haaave pudddding!!!!" he sang out to noone in particular.

I chuckled.

He went into my bedroom.

"There's money in daddy's room!" he yelled out, again, to noone specific.

He pilfered a handful of change from Bob's dresser and returned to me, not with $50 but rather a quarter and two pennies.

"That's 27 cents. That's not fifty bucks," I said.

"Oh, OK!" he grabbed the coins and ran back to The Bank of Daddy's Change.

He returned again, this time, two quarters, three pennies.

"Closer, but nope. Not fifty bucks yet," I said.

"OK!" he was getting annoyed now.

He left and returned again, this time he only had the pennies.

"No dude. You're not getting it. Get the big silver ones," I said.


He left again and returned a few minutes later with four quarters, stacked neatly.

"Here you go mom. Big silver ones. Fifty bucks."

What can I say, I gave the kid a pudding.


Kenna said...

I totally would have given some pudding too. He put so much effort in getting you your fifty!

Anonymous said...

First, big pushover.

Second, I ate an ice cream sandwich for breakfast. Is that inappropriate?

Jessica said...

Oh yeah, total pushover. I admit.

Ice cream sandwich, that's milk and some sort of breadish product....that passes the test.

Anonymous said...

Well pudding is milk too.

Jessica said...

That was my only real point that justified my decision! Dairy content.

Melissa Gephart said...

Wait a minute...we should not be giving our children pudding for breakfast??

Jessica said...

You can, if they can present you with $50, or a funny story!