Monday, December 14, 2009

Top Ten Lessons Learned While Living With My Mom....Again....

10. Do NOT leave the garage light on. Ever.

9. Unless it's Sunday, get the mail.

8. If there is a lag in interesting programming on the television, be prepared to watch HGTV.

7. I really do suck at keeping up with laundry.

6. HOWEVER, I am a fantastic cook.

5. Sidewalk chalk is ONLY for the FRONT YARD sidewalk.

4. Thou shalt not run out of Cuties.

3. Grandmas like to give full tanks of gas as gifts.

2. If you use it every day you must clean the coffee maker every day or face the wrath.

And most importantly....

1. DO NOT attempt to do the NY Times Crossword reprint. It is NOT for you.