Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wrong place, right time?

Yesterday we were on our way to my mom's office. We went through three stoplights, all of them turned yellow just as we approached.
By the third light I was pissed!
How is it that we were hitting every light at just the "wrong" time. How annoying!

Finally we got onto the freeway heading to the office.

"If we hit all yellows all the way there, I'm gonna flip out!" I said.

About two minutes later the traffic started slowing down...for an accident. An accident that had just happened maybe a minute beforehand. There was still smoke in the air and people had just started pulling off the road to try to help.

On the westbound side of the freeway (our side) there was a very smashed up PT Cruiser type car with a very scared looking guy inside. On the OTHER side of the concrete center divider in the eastbound lanes was a semi truck (just the cab) flipped completely upside down.

We're not sure which car went over the divide, but assuredly someone did.

Bob and I were both a little bit freaked out, and with the boys in the car we couldn't stop to help and risk them seeing bloody people. So I slowly navigated around the scene and continued on.

It wasn't a minute later that I realized that if we hadn't hit all those lights at the "wrong" times, we probably would have been right there when that accident actually happened. That smashed up car could have been OUR car.

I'll never curse a yellow light again.

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Kenna said...

"Someone" was watching out for you guys!