Monday, June 14, 2010

Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning

It's gonna be a MUCH longer time before we get to move. Bob is still waiting to start his new job up in Vacaville and we've pretty well gone through our money.

So, I anticipate being here in Simi another year. Which is fine and good and all that, but it's still not MY house, even though it is the house of my childhood and the only house I really ever remember living in before I became an adult.

Of course, that also makes this place extremely weird along with comfortable.

I'm also contemplating a move to a private blog...weigh in...would you sign up? Even thought I've been super lazy lately, I think I can communicate more effectively with a private blog....lots of stuff goes on that may not necessarily be for the general public. Still, thinking about it. No decisions made yet.


Kenna said...

I would totally sign up! Or want an invite...whatever you call it!

Anonymous said...

Pros: You can block people and then complain about them.

Cons: People will forget to read because you won't show up in their readers (ahem, how long did it take you to figure out I'd unprivatized AND moved). They won't leave comments. You will feel left out.

Jessica said...

It's true, I've been a terrible blog writer AND reader lately. I blame Facebook.
I do really miss blogging...I think I'll stay public for now and try to get back into writing at least every OTHER day.
Instead of you know, once a month starting out with, Gosh it's been FOREVER since I updated!

Andrea said...

I say stay public. It's true. I have a very hard time remembering to check blogs that are private. I use bloglines and read those. Speaking of which, Amy, you are unprivataized and have a new address? I'll have to find you and add you to my reader!

Jessica said...

My two cents: I like the public blogs. It's annoying to have to check the private blogs to see if they've updated and find they haven't. I look at those blogs much less than the ones I know for SURE have just updated.