Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It's a Boy for Britney!!

Third spawn of Federline now inhabits the earth. Orders for baby-sized manpris and trucker hats skyrocket following news of the birth of the Federspawn.
Britney Spears Federline begins slide into obscurity.


cube said...

Didn't they name that poor baby Preston? I mean doesn't that kid already have enough to live down without a goofy name too. What? Your name is Preston.. Oh, it's a fine name.

Amy said...

No, it's Sean Preston is what I heard. Either Britney is not as crazy as we thought or, considering the celebrity penchant (ha, good word!) for coming up with absurd non-names, decided that the really crazy thing to do would be to choose a normal name.

Jessey said...

That is so funny! I was just saying something like that to my mom last night.
We are having a boy in January (at least we think it's a boy!) and we're having a devil of a time coming up with a name that's not boring and also not freakish. No John, but also no Pilot Inspektor.
Where we live a lot of the younger guys have really weird sounding names because they are named after their grandparents or great grandparents with names like Hiram and Kim and Norlis. I told my mom that up here, normal is the new weird.