Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Crochet the day away!

To further prove that I am a young old lady, I have been spending my time "resting" after the preterm labor scare making crochet crafts.
My living room looks like a yarn store exploded!
But, I made these cute bibs for a friend's new baby, they turned out very well, and only ONE is from a pattern. I am terribly proud of myself.


Amy said...

Oh those are cute. I hope your friend appreciates it! I crocheted a hat/sweater combo for my nephew (never mind that the maid at the hotel where I finished the sweater THREW IT AWAY!!). Never saw a picture of him in it, don't think he ever wore it. Like everything else I made him or bought him, of any variety, I never see it.

cube said...

Very nice. And very restful, but I'll bet you're bored to death. There's nothing like being told to relax and all of a sudden get the urge to mountain climb, clean out the gutters, and reorganize every closet and cabinet in the house.

Jessey said...

Tell me about it! I keep thinking of the organizing I have to do in the new baby's room to get all my crap out of there...but alas, I can't really do any of it.
It's sort of making me crazy.
At least I can work part time and not go totally insane!