Monday, October 03, 2005

Makin' bacon

OK, I just made a bunch of bacon, to put on my grilled cheese sandwich...mmmm, bacony.

Anyway, I came to the conclusion that bacon making is a dangerous task and perhaps I need to invest in a protective suit that would prevent me from suffering blistering burns from bacon back splatter.
Something like this maybe?


Freebird said...

Ain't that the truth! I got splattered with bacon grease this morning. Not fun.

cube said...

You've got to get a microwave bacon maker that holds up the bacon & most of the grease drops onto the bottom. It was invented by a ten-year old girl so that her dad could eat bacon with less fat.

Best of all, it's fast, delicious. & you don't need the beekeeper suit or is that for toxic waste disposal?

Jessey said...

I am naturally averse to all forms of microwave "cooking".
Heating up, I am okay with that. But the claim that food cooked in the microwave actually tastes good, I can't get behind that.
Same goes for that precooked bacon, it's just weird.

cube said...

I agree that the pre-cooked bacon is yucky. Believe me, I don't cook anything else with a microwave, but the microwave bacon device makes bacon that is indistinguishable from fried bacon, and the fat drops down, so there is an added benefit. But, suit yourself...wear the Hazmat.

Jessey said...

Well, if it's the same great bacon taste without the welts, I may have to check it out!
I forgot to include in my original post my lifelong scarring caused by hash brown splatter. I was about 19 and cooking hash browns in my apartment and the splatter zeroed in on my hand (a very painful burn site!) and now I have about a quarter sized darkened patch of burned skin plus a little darkened dribble tail where the burning hot oil slid down the back of my hand before finally cooling and ceasing to sear my flesh.
It looks like a giant sperm shaped burn.
Good times!