Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Duggar Family Update

AKA the family with 16 kids...and this pic is TWO KIDS SHY!!!

This family is the exact prototype of the quasi-Pioneer in the modern times that I have previously encountered in my travels across deepest darkest America - AKA Nevada.
However, those previous families were almost assuredly polygamist, whereas, this family is ostensibly a monogamist pairing.
Regardless, more info to be found on these kookoos here

FYI in the Jim Bob's advice to fathers section (egad!) there is this nugget of joy:

"We read in the Bible that God says that children are a blessing and a reward from Him (Psalms 127:1-5). We had been rejecting His gifts. At that point, we prayed and asked God to forgive us and we gave Him this area of our lives. We said, ‘Lord, help us to love children the way that you love children, and Lord we want to receive each one as a gift from you.'"

I'm all for receiving gifts, but at some point you just gotta go for it and get the vasectomy.


Freebird said...

I'm sorry, but there's something seriously twisted about that couple. Are they gonna go for 20?

Jessey said...

They're starting their own Little House on the Prairie community, and I think that's just awesome! :)
More frightening is the exponentially increasing number of lives this couple will affect. Sixteen kids and their spouses, plus their children.
Can you imagine if all 16 kids had 16 kids, and they all had 16 kids...
That's.....like 4,500 people! Plus Adam and Eve over there, repopulating the earth with poor dressers singlehandedly!

cube said...

Except in the pioneer days, many children died in childhood. Parents did the cruel math & had a bunch of kids to ensure enough would survive to adulthood. That isn't the case nowadays.

Jessey said...

That is true, but something tells me the children of this particular aspiring politico are NOT toiling in the wheat fields. Just a wild guess.

Freebird said...

QUCK!! Somebody take those kids to The Gap!!

Doctor_Nanny said...

I think all the previous comments are very rude. If you watch the documentary about this family you will discover that they are a wholesome group of people who enjoy life. Who are we to jude their lifestyle and say that it is wrong? I don't think you can judge someone before meeting them.

Anonymous said...

I have watched the documentaries on this family and they have succeeded where many families fail with much fewer children. Their children are polite and respectful and what is more, helpful. I think that if they have more children and each of their children have that many children and so on it will make this world we live in a much better place. At least they are supporting their own children, without credit or government handouts.