Tuesday, November 08, 2005

And high fives were passed around!

I never thought I'd see the day when someone else's bodily functions would make me so happy!
Scared, yes. Disgusted, been there! But seriously in the clouds elated? Inconceivable!
Until this morning!!
Elizabeth ran into my room around 6 a.m. and hopped up into bed with us. After about 10 minutes of fussing around, she looked at me and said "Potty, peeeeeeaze!"
So I scooped her up and we headed for her potty chair.
Now, we've been there before. We've sat on the potty chair for what seems like hours. We've read magazines on the potty chair. We've learned the subtle difference between Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on the potty chair. But we've NEVER went POTTY on the potty chair.
In fact, Elizabeth has only went pee-pee in the big girl toilet twice, once in a hotel in New Jersey and once at my obstetrician's office - Both times her assistant was Daddy.
Mommy just doesn't inspire the tyke to let loose and pee I guess.
Last night we sat on the potty chair (after Elizabeth said "Potty peeeeeeaze!") for maybe a half hour total, and all that we got were farts.
So, this morning, I was skeptical. I've been jaded by many fruitless trips to the potty chair, or even worse, a rush to the potty chair to be greeted with a diaper full of poo. An occurence which is followed by me reminding Elizabeth that she has to say "potty peeeeeeaze" BEFORE the pottying occurs.

Ok, back to this morning...We're in the bathroom. I undress Elizabeth. She, like George Costanza, likes to be shirtless in the potty.
I take off her diaper, and lo and behold, it's totally DRY! This means she hasn't peed all night. She's ripe to pee in the potty chair. I do not let my excitement show, for fear of spooking the novice pottier.

She sits on the potty. I tell her, "make a pee pee"
Then like angels singing, I hear the tinkle of pee coming from my child and into the potty chair...A MIRACLE!
She was super excited to be such a big girl. She even wiped all by herself. Heck, she's seen me do it about 400 million times, and that was just yesterday! (Damn fetus! Making me incontinent)
I replaced her diaper and dressed her back up and hugged and kissed and high fived her. I made a big show of it, to let her know that peeing in the potty is a big old deal!
There is an end to my toddler diaper tunnel! And the light came on today! Yahoo!

(The photo accompanying this post was completely staged after the events described therein)


Amy said...

Yes, there is an end in sight, but isn't another beginning coming in about 2 months?

And I am so childish, I laughed when I read the word "fart".

Jessey said...

Shh! Don't remind me!

I forgot to blog this most hilarious story.

Last week, Elizabeth comes into bed with us and she won't go to sleep. She's jumping all around etc etc. My wonderful husband, who was half asleep through this, had to fart, so he did.
Elizabeth thought it was so funny, she started laughing. I asked her, "did you fart?"
She says to me, "Watch"
and flips over onto her belly, butt in the air, in our faces and rips a big old fart.
Then laughs and laughs.
Bob and I also laughed, so much so that we woke up.
It was hilarious.

cube said...

Just as you reach the end of the toddler diaper tunnel, you're going to turn around & go back through. Ain't life grand?

Jessey said...

Grand? Totally crazy and insane is more appropriate for MY house.
We're switching over to pull-ups here at the old homestead. Putting on diapers has been like trying to bathe a cat. Not easy, not fun. Lots of injuries all around.
So, the faux panties are now in vogue.